PRE PRESS Articles 2015



In 2015 the journal will publish at least 3 issues.

Pre press articles will be published in one of these issues, until then they are available and do not have the definitive page numbering.




'Complexity, Governance & Networks has deep intellectual and organizational roots. Network studies have a long history in the social sciences; their roots can be traced back to the 1930s. The concept of governance gained popularity more recently, but governance theorists and researchers have already made significant impacts on our understanding of policy and administration processes. Complexity sciences have influenced thinking in the natural sciences and mathematics for at least since the 1970s and they were recognized bypublic policy and administration scholars as early as the 1990s. The authors of the papers published in this issue discuss the intellectual foundations that were laid down in these areas by many scholars. Some of those scholars are the contributors to this issue of the journal. The organizational roots of this journal can be found in the works of a group of scholars who organized panels on “chaos and complexity” at the Public Administration Theory Network (PAT-Net) conferences in the mid-1990s. As the interest in these panels began to wane at the PAT-Net conferences, it re-surfaced in other venues. An international workshop on complexity and policy analysis was organized by some of the initial members of the PAT-Net complexity/chaos group in Cork, Ireland, in 2005. Meanwhile a few members of the American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) organized complexity panels at the annual conferences of this association and initiated a section on complexity studies (SCNS). ASPA officially recognized the section in 2008. 

These developments in the United States coincided with the establishment of the research group Governance of Complex Systems (GoCS) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 2006. This research group includes scholars who are well-known for their contributions to governance and network studies and complexity sciences. The annual conference of ASPA in March 2009 offered an opportunity for some of the members of the ASPA SNCS group and the GoCS group to meet and discuss possibilities of jointly organizing conferences and starting a journal. The first two of these jointly organized conferences were held in Rotterdam (COMPACT I, 2011) and Los Angeles (COMPACT II, 2013). A third conference will take place in Dublin, next year. The long journey of the scholars who organized panels and conferences at both sides of the Atlantic and published numerous articles and books since the 1990s has culminated in the publication of Complexity, Governance & Networks. We intend to make Complexity, Governance & Networks the primary reference for future researchers in these areas. ...'